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Legal Services

Legal translation errors could put your brand and reputation at risk. Rely on our experts for all courtroom, immigration, and corporate legal document translation.

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Medical Services

We compliant translation and interpreting services to give you the proper understanding of any medical record and keep your practice accurately communicating with every

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Business Services

The fastest turnaround times at the lowest possible rates. We have translator guru's who specialized in your industry. Your translations are always 100% accurate and true to source — guaranteed.

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Certified Services

If you want to immigrate to a new country, work or study overseas, or do business on a global scale, you’ll need certified translated documents. We provide official certified translations for no extra charge.

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Company Overview

High-quality translation solutions

We are humans, helping humans. And we want to help you. Whatever your translation need, we can serve you. We provide human translation services, conducted by real humans, from certified translations to website localization. We promise to deliver 100% accurate human translation services, in every language.

  • If you need legal, medical, business, or certified translations in a specific language — we’re here to translate.
  • If your business competes in international markets — we’re here to translate.
  • If you’re working on an international film script, literary piece, or academic document… you guessed it — we’re here to translate.

If you need expert, professional, human powered translations, get your free translation quote. We are online now, and ready to serve you. We will globalize your business, with the proper tone of voice and a human touch, all while preventing million dollar rebranding.

We want to help you succeed. It makes us happy to do it. Because after all, we’re human.

Why choose Us? We are always having strong devotion, perseverance and commitment to provide the proper standard, quality and efficient translations in meeting the due submission and deadline of translated documents to the maximum satisfaction of our clients at all times

We effectively and diligently provide translations service to any of the documents written in any of the major local and ethnic languages of Ethiopia such as Oromic, Tigrigna, Somali, Afar, the different languages of the SNNP's and other Regional States of Ethiopia and other international languages including, but not limited to, French, Italy, Spanish, Portuguese, Germany, Norwegian, Swedish, Arabic etc. In addition to these, We can handle any translations offer for translating documents rarely being coming for conversions in any of the excess of 80 languages of Ethiopia and any other world languages

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Fast and Easy

We value your time. Get your quote and start your translation project immediately. A countdown timer will show you the ETA.

High Quality

Your translation will be done by certified native speaking translators. Translations are examined in real time by several reviewers.


Due to our efficient workflows, we can handle extremely large volumes in multiple languages, along with technical support.


Our Language translation services

Translation for 80 languages of Ethiopia and any other world languages


Who We Serve

You need translation services. We’re here to help. We are the most flexible language service provider in the industry.


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Language translation services provide you the ability to communicate to a global audience with the assistance of a professional linguist.

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