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A graduate of School of Law, Addis Ababa University in the year 2006 and have long years of experience in excess of 14 years by regularly engaging and working in legal advice and translations of various legal, medical and any other document translations in totality brought to our office on daily and routine basis.

Thence, what makes our translations service unique among the other compatriots in the sector is we are always having strong devotion, perseverance and commitment to provide the proper standard, quality and efficient translations in meeting the due submission and deadline of translated documents to the maximum satisfaction of our clients at all times by exercising greater degree and concerted as well as relentless effort even during tough times of urgency and extreme loads of work.

Thus, we would like to assure you that we have the necessary capabilities and qualifications for providing translation service on a range of subjects both into Amharic and English languages and vice versa. We have also the support of a network of Translators from a range of professional backgrounds who effectively and diligently provide translations service to any of the documents written in any of the major local and ethnic languages of ETHIOPIA such as Oromic, Tigrigna, Somali, Afar, the different languages of the SNNP’s and other Regional States of Ethiopia and other international languages including, but not limited to, French, Italy, Spanish, Portuguese, Germany, Norwegian, Swedish, Arabic etc. In addition to these, We can handle any translations offer for translating documents rarely being coming for conversions in any of the excess of 80 languages of Ethiopia and any other world languages provide that there is prior arrangement and negotiation for ample time of delivery made in advance together with potential clients.



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